CORPUS DELICTI is a crossover thrash metal band founded in 2013. With their energetic music and intense live performances, they quickly made a name for themselves in the metal scene. In 2018, they released their debut album "BREAK EVERYTHING."

The band has already played a variety of concerts, captivating their audience with their raw and aggressive stage presence. A highlight of their career was the opportunity to open for POWER TRIP, one of the most well-known thrash metal bands today.

In early 2024, CORPUS DELICTI released their new song "AntiAct," perfectly capturing the dark and rebellious atmosphere of their music. With their energetic riffs, fast drums, and intense lyrics, CORPUS DELICTI represents a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of thrash metal, transporting their listeners into a world of chaos and aggression. 

Corpus delicti are:


Vocals & Bass

Pascal Schneider

Guitar & Backing Vox

Manuel Ehrismann

Guitar & Backing Vox